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How fancy are your pants?

Relive the nostalgia of The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1 as you speed over spidery slopes and parkour your way to victory! 


Your way through the original levels! Stomp on spiders and race to collect all the pants and hats to make yourself the fanciest stick man in Squiggleville. 


Get through all the original levels! But you’re not done yet! There are REMIXED levels and a whole new boss at the end of this remix version. 


To collect all of the NEW collectible Cutie Chronicles. Collect them all and you unlock Fancy’s sister, Cutie Pants! Grapple your way to victory with her trusty sidekick Kabootle. 


Yourself a Fancy Pants expert? We’ll see.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FPA World 1 Mac.zip 38 MB
FPA World 1 PC.zip 38 MB

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Why must I pay for something that for YEARS was free?

It is free (and still free) on mobile because it contains ads. That's where the developer gets money. On PC this is not the case.

I remember this game and it was a flash game you'd play online for free

World 1 is free. This is World 1 Remix. This is a different game. 


You should really say that in the first place 😂

I mean. It says it in the description of what you're commenting on.


Hey, awesome! Is there a Linux build at all? I don't have Windows or Mac :-(

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I added it to Lutris and it ran perfectly from what I could tell.

Instructions (edited 2020-03-21):

1. Install Wine with your distro's package manager. Install Lutris from there too if it's available, else use the download page: https://lutris.net/downloads/

2. Start Lutris, go through the driver installation process if prompted. Click the + icon in the upper-left, Add Game. Enter a name, then for the Runner select "Wine (Runs Windows games)".

3. Click the "Game options" tab. For the Executable, Browse and select "FPA World 1.exe" from the extracted ZIP.

4. Save your added game, and try playing it!

5. Wine prompted me to install Windows versions of Mono and Gecko. I just clicked cancel on the prompts, and it never asked me again.

If the game opens with a white screen and then immediately closes, or has other odd behavior, try changing Wine to one of Lutris's builds:

1. Find Wine in the Runners pane on the left of the Lutris window. Click the left "Manage Versions" icon.

2. Select the most recent version with no addon. For me it was lutris-5.4. The build will be downloaded and extracted. Click OK.

3. Back on the Runner page, click the right Configure icon. For "Wine version" change it from your System build to one you downloaded.

4. Save, and try playing again!

There's 24 hours left in the current sale, maybe this will reach you in time!

Thanks! I did end up purchasing it :-)

I haven't got it to work in Lutris + Wine yet though. When start it I get those prompts, but it doesn't actually do anything else after that.

Some debugging is required.